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What do you know about Medieval Bosnia, where it originated, and how it spread through historical frameworks, which were its most essential Bans and Kings. What was the geostrategic position of the Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its Church of Bosnia and its Bogumils, how was its origin, the peak of power, and finally its disappearance under the Ottoman Empire.

We will visit the Bosnian city of Dubrovnik yes, you have read well how its origin in the Heart of Medieval Bosnia originated and developed. Very well hidden among the mountains and all the cities in the heart of Bosnia, its significance and its disappearance.

The visit takes us further to the town of Visoki, where in these areas one of the oldest documents of our Bosnian Ban to another State was issued – a legal agreement. We will visit the site of Mile, where the remains of the Medieval Church are located, where the Bosnian Kings were crowned, also where some of the most important rulers were buried.

The road leads us further to another Royal City of Bobovac, which was one of the better-built defensive cities with its walls that protected the city itself. Hidden among the mountains and difficult to access, it housed Bosnian kings. It issued the most important state documents and charters, where kept royal jewels, the treasure, and the Crown of Bosnian rulers.

We will end the tour with a visit to Bosnian Blacksmiths, which is under the protection of the State as well as UNESCO, which were first mentioned in the 15th century, but their becoming is connected to the beginnings of the medieval Bosnian state. The technique they nurture during the processing and production of Iron is unique in the whole of Europe and the world. Currently, only three blacksmiths are active with this technique.




Visit the town of Visoki and its cultural and historical heritage. You can book a tour individually or in groups.


The price of the tour varies depending on the number of registered participants.

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Safe Travels - Bosnia and Herzegovina
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