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Dear friends, welcome to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the land of good people.

Hi, my name is Sanel Silajdzić. I was born 02.07.1976 in Nordenham, Federal Republic of Germany. After that, I lived for ten years in Hamburg. In 1986 I returned to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. I have 25 years of experience in tourism, and I actively speak English and German.

Since 1996 I have been working as a Tourist guide / Tour Leader to promote the Cultural and Historical Heritage of Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and foreign countries.

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Gems of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Upon arrival at the Sarajevo airport, there will be a gathering individually or the group, a short acquaintance, and departure to Herzegovina…

9 Days

Heritage Through the Centuries

Upon arrival at the selected hotel, you will be presented with the program for the next few days. This is followed by an afternoon tour of Sarajevo’s Old Town…

9 Days

Tito’s Bunker and Jablanica

What was the historical process of creating Yugoslavia itself? How did the Partisans come into being? The participation of its people…

1 Day

  One-Day Tours

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Daily Tour – Jajce

Today’s one-day tour of Jajce takes us from the direction of Sarajevo along the river Bosna towards central Bosnia. When we leave the valley of the river Bosna…

1 Day

Bosnian Pyramids – Visoko

How to explain to you as a visitor the Pyramid Valley project in Visoko, explore the past that is still being researched, where data is still analyzed

1 Day

One Day Tour to Herzegovina

Herzegovina itself says the other part of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Have you been able to experience a mixture of different civilizations on

1 Day

  Spiritual Tours

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Spiritual Tour – 7 Days

We start our journey in the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids, we will visit different energy points where you can meditate, feel and connect with energies

7 Days

Monuments of Islam

Upon arrival at the selected hotel, you will be presented with the program for the next few days. This is followed by an afternoon tour of Sarajevo’s Old Town

9 Days

Two Day Tour

The first day is reserved for us to tour the city of Sarajevo, a short walk through the old part of the city of Baščaršija to see the heritage of the Ottoman Empire…

2 Days


For our valued guests/visitors, we are able to offer you an Apartment for 5 Persons, with the included offer BB – breakfast, HB – lunch and FB – dinner.

We prepare food in accordance with the wishes and needs of the guests – Vegan food, Vegetarian food as well as Traditional Bosnian cuisine.

If you come with your own vehicle, there is a covered parking space at your disposal.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bosnia and Herzegovina located?

It is located in the west of the Balkan Peninsula.

Which countries does it border on?

It borders Croatia to the north, west, and southwest, Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast. It is a maritime state because in the south, in the municipality of Neum, it overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

The capital and largest city in the country is Sarajevo.

State organization?

Federal Parliamentary Republic.

Administrative division?

After the end of the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina was administratively divided into two entities and a district with a special status.

The first-level administrative units are the entities (Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the Brčko District.

Is Bosnia and Herzegovina a safe country?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a safe country.

How to reach Bosnia and Herzegovina?

You can travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina by Plane, Bus, or Car.

The surface of Bosnia and Herzegovina?

51.129 km²

Does Bosnia and Herzegovina have a Sea?

In the extreme south, in the municipality of Neum, it exits to the Adriatic Sea in a length of about 20 km.

Are there National Parks?

There are four national parks, five nature parks and three protected landscapes.

The highest mountain peak?

Maglić (2.386 m)

When were the Olympics?

The XIV Winter Olympic Games were held from 8 to 19 February 1984 in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Related to the First World War?

The place of the assassination and the beginning of the war.


European / Oriental gastronomy.

The most famous dishes?

Chevapi, Pie – Burek, Roast lamb, Veal under the sač.

Average drink prices?

From 3 to 10 Convertible Marks. (1.5 to 5 €)

Average Price Dishes?

From 5 to 30 Convertible Marks. (2.5 – 15 €)


Convertible Mark (BAM)

Exchange rate?

1 BAM = 1.955830 EUR;
1 BAM = 1.848960 USA;
1 BAM = 1.879883 CHF;
1 BAM = 1.450482 CAD;
1 BAM = 1.317501 AUD


Mari Engel


“You are a gentleman with a huge heart Sanel Silajdžić THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts, it was a very exciting, fulfilling and instructive journey that will continue to have an impact for a long time because it left its mark on our souls and hearts. by Marie Engel and Kamadevi by Renate Herfeldt.”

Sam Usher


“Incredible guide, fantastic knowledge and so passionate about sharing the magic that Bosnia has to offer Highly recommend

Recomends Bosnian History Guide / Bosnian Pyramids Guide – Esoteric, Energy & Kultural Historical Travel.”

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“Fantastic historical and spiritual journey with the funniest guide ever.



“For all visitors, who are interested in culture, history and the spiritual site of BiH, they are at the Bosnian Pyramids Guide at the right address !!”

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