• Stone Spheres Grab

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Stone Spheres Grab – Zavidovići In the settlement Grab near Zavidovici has been discovered another location with the greatest number of stone spheres ever found in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On that location were found tens of stone spheres that were moved by clueless villagers to other locations. Today, there are about 15 unharmed stone spheres and either about 20 half-spheres. Their diameters vary between 50 cm and 2 m. The origin of these stone spheres is not known till these days, but there are few stories that people retell.

Since the dawn of time, the worship of sacred stones constituted one of the most general andancient forms of religion.

The other legend about the origins of stone spheres narrates the crash of wedding guests. Villagers say that the place where the stones spheres are found was the place where wedding guests crushed each other, stoned themselves, and became stone spheres. The legend, as strange and unbelievable it may sound, may be a story filled with metaphor in order to describe the creation of the stone spheres.

 One of the greatest mysteries for archaeologists and other scientific researchers today represents the phenomenon of stone spheres. First stone spheres were found in the early 1930’s in the delta of river Diquis in Costa Rica. Since then were found hundreds of stone spheres of many different sizes in different locations of the world. Many of them are built from the mineral called granodiorite that is very firm.